peggi blu (ai)*Music Editor Shirley Halperin exclaimed, “Someone give this woman her own show!”

She was speaking of Peggi Blu, dubbed the “Vocal Coach from Hell” on the hit show “American Idol.”

It’s a term of endearment for her passionate results-oriented approach to the multiple winners who trained for their big chance under her tutelage – the latest being Phil Phillips who was season 12’s winner. We’ve seen her engaging presence in raw behind-the-scenes footage. She was Grand Champion on Ed McMahon’s “Star Search.” Other career highlights include Broadway vocalist (The Wiz), soloist at President Clinton’s Inauguration, and hosting her own Las Vegas show. She also has an extensive discography of recordings.

A new venture – Hands Around The Table (HATT) – is a TV concept born out of family and friends joining hands around the table and saying grace before meals. The proposed show will have a spiritual arch showcasing inspirational stories, and rediscovered talent. The HATT theme song “Hands Around The Table” video featuring Ms. Blu’s amazing lead vocals is on YouTube, and may be downloaded on iTunes. The song written by Allen Waldman and Ted Perlman of Breakout Entertainment is the flag for the HATT entertainment platform starring Ms. Blu – an already beloved and recognized talent from one of television’s most successful shows.

Waldman says, “Hands Around The Table has evolved into a multi-faceted project. Proposals have been sent to Magic Johnson’s Aspire network, and Tyler Perry Productions.” Maybe it’s a good omen that the project is gaining momentum as we enter into the Thanksgiving Holiday season when many friends and family will actually be holding hands around their own tables.

Waldman adds, “Hands Around The Table is a movement designed to bring people of all faiths together; to offer comfort and help to those who need it through inspirational music, and human interest stories. The proposed HATT charitable family trust will be a completely transparent entity that will fund community-based projects from micro-mini to grandiose for our children, the elderly, and the disadvantaged. We invite all of our viewers and guests to become part of the HATT family, and help make this dream a reality.” Come join us!

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