wages of sin*On November 4, 2013 at 7:32 pm Rev. V. R. Williams says:

Dear, dear Mr. Wattree,

Please do Christianity a favor and just stop. You are so wrong on sooo many levels. If you have a complaint don’t hijack the Word of God to try to validate … your emotion based argument.  You’re endangering yourself and causing harm to the spiritually immature. Express your opinions without perverting the Text. Really, you’re not doing God any favors.

While there are ‘jack-legs’; there are also men and women of God who have committed their life to ‘going into all the world’ for no other reason but for the cause of Christ.

With the love of God,
Rev. V. R. Williams


Rev. Williams,

Where are they?

As much money as churches are taking in, and out, of the Black community, there shouldn’t be a such thing as “the hood.” What I see is a lot of big, magnificent churches in the middle of poverty, squalor, and suffering. I see a lot of talking about what God’s gonna do for you, and very little discussion about what YOU’RE going to do for the community. I see preachers riding around in big cars, and living in luxurious homes while taking 10% off the top of people’s income who can’t even afford to feed their families. I see preachers strutting around trying to be big shots, and putting very little effort into helping the people. I see preachers telling their “flock” to PRAY for God to help them feed their families, while the preacher is passing the basket to feed his.

Reverend, you’re a man of God, why don’t you give you’re money to the poor (like Jesus) and PRAY for God to pay your house note instead of passing the basket? Where’s your faith? And why don’t you keep your churches open during the week and use some that tithe money you pull in to hire unemployed mothers to provide affordable childcare for working mothers? You could turn your church into a full service daycare and pre-school center during the week – and in the process, you could be teaching job and parenting skills to the unemployed mothers. That would save the employed mothers in the community up to $400 a month, and more, in childcare costs. Four hundred dollars a month would go a long way toward helping working mothers to live a better life  . . . (Read MORE at Wattree)

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Eric Wattree

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