al sharpton (looking doubtful)*Members of the National Center for Public Policy Research’s Project 21 black leadership network are speaking out about this lack of responsibility among the professional civil rights lobby and the self-appointed black leadership in the United States. 

After all, when a real racial hate crime appears to have presented itself, they have failed to step up in a timely manner as they seem to do when more politically advantageous and media-friendly situations present themselves.

Kevin Martin notes, “It seems that only after being confronted publicly by New York’s Jewish community, conservative blacks and the conservative media that Al Sharpton found the courage to condemn the rash of assaults – hate crimes – that are gripping many urban areas in America.”  Deroy Murdock adds, “So-called black leaders should denounce this carnage loudly, as should all good people.  Meanwhile, police, prosecutors, judges, and wardens should do everything they can to stop, charge, try and jail these hooligans.”

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