serge ibaka & matt barnes

Serge Ibaka cocks his fist and squares up like he’s going to punch Clippers forward Matt Barnes, who just smiles back at the Thunder forward.

*LA Clippers designated tough guy Matt Barnes finds himself the odd man out so to speak after his actions in Wednesday night’s game against the Oklahoma City Thunder and after the game.

Barnes and Thunder center Serge Ibaka were both ejected just before halftime for getting involved in a scuffle.

But perhaps it was what he did/said after he was ejected that may cause Barnes the most grief; while he was still raging from the fight and getting kicked out of the game, he took to Twitter and used the n-word and the s-word that seemed to suggest his inexplicable frustration with his own teammates.

“I love my teammates like family, but I’m DONE standing up for these n*ggas! All this sh*t does is cost me money,” Barnes wrote before deleting the tweet.

Thursday morning, Barnes apparently came to his senses and apologized in a series of tweets about the incident, saying he “was completely wrong” and accepted “full responsibility” for his actions. But it was too late because as he rightfully predicted in his hot headed tweet Wednesday night, the Clippers did fine him $25,000 “for failing to leave the court in a timely manner upon his ejection and using inappropriate language on his Twitter account during the game following his ejection, in violation of NBA rules”:
matt barnes tweetsIf you didn’t see the game, it all started with a dust-up between Blake Griffin and Ibaka after the two got their arms tangled. That’s when Barnes flew in with a shove to Ibaka’s chest. And of course that’s when things went downhill for the Clippers forward. Watch it all unfold below.