cornel west*Cornel West is a rockstar to put it plainly.

Better yet, the Harvard scholar and unapologetic (Pres) Obama-basher is a cultural phenomenon, equipped with layer upon layer of scholastic knowledge, punctuated by the intensity of a civil rights sergeant at arms, or rather, a man scorned by racial and political injustice.

This was proven during his visit to Cambridge (in the UK), where he regaled hundreds of wide-eyed students, who ate from the palm of his outstretched hand. Standing-room-only crowds came to see West perform, The Guardian reports. And perform he did, as if he were orating for the last time.

“Britain is in trouble,” he says. “Britain is in deep trouble. The privatizing is out of the control, the militarizing is out of control and the financializing is out of control. And what I mean from that is you have a cold-hearted, mean-spirited budget that the Queen just read; you have working and poor people under panic, you have this obsession with immigration that tends to scapegoat the most vulnerable rather than confront the most powerful. And it is not just black immigrants, but also our brothers and sisters from Poland and Bulgaria, Romania; right across the board.”

West continued, “There is an upside. Britain has a rich history of bouncing back too.”

Like any rockstar sophist in his prime, West has embarked on an international tour of various universities and academic gathering places. During his stay in Britain, West, as usual, upped the ante by freely spreading his gospel about politics, academia, racism, and every other ism’ known to man.

“I think race matters deeply but it is in many ways denied,” he says. “The form of institutional racism and informal racism is very much there. White supremacy is very much alive in Britain. If you scratch below the surface you can still see how race matters.

He added, “It is not as raw and coarse as it is in the US. You have 10,000 professors in Britain and 50 professors of color. Ten women. This is pathetic; this is ridiculous. The ‘meritocratic’ brothers and sisters say: ‘It’s just a matter of merit and if they were doing the work you would have a higher percentage.’ And you say: ‘Please, get off the crack pipe.’ There are brilliant black and brown people who could gain access to these professorships. Something is happening.”

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