don lemon*In the wake of his controversial comments about the NYPD’s stop and frisk policy that caused Black Twitter to go berserk, Don Lemon has gone on the defense.

If you didn’t hear it, earlier this week on “The Tom Joyner Morning Show,” he said that police officers were usually not polite to people they were stopping, and were prone to abusing their authority, but he concluded by asking listeners, “would you rather be politically correct or safe and alive.

It didn’t take long for Twitter-ites to jump on that line and create a hashtag along with tweets like: “Don Lemon on Bulimia : would you rather look great or be a big ole fatty?” and “Don Lemon on Slavery: would you rather be free and unemployed or have a home and a job?”
In response, Lemon said Wednesday that his comments were in no way an endorsement of the procedure.

“I am not supporting stop-and-frisk,” and that his comments have been “grossly misinterpreted,” he told Richard Prince’s Journal-isms.

As for the “politically correct” line, Lemon said he was trying to make people “think”: “What happens when people’s rights are violated? Are you going to decide based on political correctness?”

Here’s more from The Huffington Post’s Dr. Marc Lamont-Hill: