CNN's Don Lemon talks to "I Hate Being A Black Man" columnist

CNN’s Don Lemon talks to “I Hate Being A Black Man” columnist, Orville Lloyd Douglas

*We suppose if any man was going to chat with the writer of an article called “Why I Hate Being A Black Man” it might as well be Don Lemon.

After all, the controversial CNN newsman has been a thorn in the side of many black folks for quite some time; and has admittedly been accused of “not being black enough” and projecting an image of self-hatred himself. Yes, he seems like the perfect candidate for the job. Why?

Just because…

So he recently invited The Guardian columnist Orville Lloyd Douglas on to his show to discuss his controversial article, “Why I Hate Being A Black Man.” Douglas is a six-foot-tall, dark-skinned Canadian, who admits he has issues with self esteem, etc.

But as a writer he also clearly knows how to get attention.

He has constructed an audacious headline that immediately conjures up rage; and anonymous “haters” in the thousands have attacked him on social media. But then there are others that empathize with him…anonymously, of course. Could it be because they have actually read the article.

Look, had his article been called “Black Is Beautiful” do you think it would have gotten as much attention? No.

In watching the interview, and listening to Douglas’ response to Lemons’ probling questions, you realize he is not really saying he “Hates Being A Black Man,” what he hates is the stereotypes surrounding the black man; and how the black man is treated.

Lemon is right, when you go beyond the sound bytes, and pay attention to the nuances, is what Douglas saying really so shocking? Or is it what many black men are truly feeling?

You decide. Watch the interview here:

In other news regarding Don Lemon, Mediaite has learned through very reliable sources that the CNN anchor will be getting his own program in the 11pm hour (Mon. – Fri.) on the all news network.

It will be a one-topic show tackling important issues of the day, either reported or vastly under-reported, from Lemon’s unique perspective.

Mediaite says Lemon has already informed his weekend staff of the change, and last weekend was his final weekend for CNN Newsroom. The show will be tested during the 11 P.M. hour in December, a timeslot currently occupied by reruns of OutFront.

And finally, it was also learned Lemon will be filling in for Erin Burnett while she is on maternity leave.