jeanne deroo - blackface*What the hell is it with white folks’ fascination with blackface?! Why do they think it’s cool to do?

And you would think Elle France beauty editor Jeanne Deroo would know better. But nooooo, she just had to go there.

she got all dolled up complete with an afro and blackface for a private party this past Saturday and apparently thought it would be cute to post a pic of herself on Instagram. That’s when she found out it wasn’t such a good idea. When the backlash ensued, Deroo quickly pulled it down and issued an apology.

“I realise how much the fact of painting oneself brown is an offensive act. I didn’t realise the seriousness of my action when I went to a private party last Saturday evening, which the theme was “Icons” and I chose to embody Solange Knowles, of whom I am a fan. During this private party, I posted a picture of myself on my Instagram without intention of hurting anyone. I deeply regret and would like to present all my apologies. I would also like to indicate that this picture published in a private context does not involve in any way the french ELLE magazine I work for, and I am sorry for the prejudice it has caused.”

IBI Times writer Amethyst Tate points out that this is not the first time Elle has come under fire for a race-related matter. In January, the magazine held a “Women In Television” dinner in West Hollywood, but the event did not end without drama:

“Housewives of Atlanta” reality star and actress Nene Leakes was in attendance. Also in attendance was “The Walking Dead” actress Danai Gurira. Elle Magazine mistakenly captured a photo of Gurira on the red carpet and posted it on their Instagram account along with the caption, “@NeNeLeakes looking gorgeous in @alexanderwang and @hof_diamonds #ellewitv.” The magazine immediately received backlash before it had a chance to correct the error and delete the incorrect caption.

Good Lord. When will they learn?