Rob ford

Embattled Toronto mayor, Rob Ford

*We thought that America had the absolute stranglehold on crazy politicians.

Between the insane eyes of Michelle Bachmann and the nutso proclamations of Ted Cruz (apparently, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree ), you’d think our fine country would clearly come in tops as far as the “insane people who make the decisions that directly influence our daily lives” rankings go.

But then, of course, from perhaps the least likely place on earth comes one of the most unlikeliest challengers for this crown. As Americans, we really don’t think about Canada that much – sure, it’s given us Drake and Ryan Gosling and Molson and poutine and the coolest trophy in sports, but mostly it just sits up there, quietly inoffensive, looked at as a model for politeness, efficient health care and winter-weather survival. Then – all of a sudden – Rob Ford is in our lives. The mayor of the largest city in Canada (though most Americans only really know it for the Blue Jays) has turned out to be a certifiable loon, a crack-smoking, heavy-drinking, female-harassing, out-and-out racist doughball of a leader who makes Marion Barry look like Mother Teresa.

Now, it’s given all of us the first real reason to think about the politics of our northern neighbor, at least since one of the Rolling Stones hooked up with the country’s first lady. Anyways, it is nice to see that dysfunction and craziness in the political landscape is not limited to the U.S. of A., where our president is in the middle of an apology tour for creating a healthcare website with all the functionality of a Star Wars fan-fiction Geocities blog and Ted Cruz is dropping his craziness all over the airwaves. Oh, hey – we almost forgot: Cruz was born in Canada. Maybe the South Park guys were really onto something with their “Blame Canada” song….