Eve and her man, 2013*When pictures of Eve and her man came out, there was a sweep of questions that came along with it; whether it was quietly in the homes of observant fans, or in blogs across the Net.

But the bottom line is, she’s doing the interracial thing and is proud of it. In fact, she’s been quite forward about making some babies with her boyfriend.

“I don’t want them to see color. I never did,” said 34-year-old Philly native said in an interview withVibe Vixen. “I grew up in the hood and my mother was very good at it not being a black thing, even though I grew up around all black people. I want them to want to know everything about all kinds of races.”

She recently told theGrio that she’s surprised interracial dating is still a topic these days.

“At this point it still annoys me that race is such a big issue in 2013,” Eve said in the interview. “Like, get over it.”

She also pointed to celebrity couples like Kanye West and Kim Kardashian who are doing their interracial thing and by now, it’s a taboo of the past. Besides that, she wonders why people make such a fuss about Black women dating outside their ethnic group.

“What the f**k is the problem?” Eve says, referring to Kardashian and West. “She’s not black. They’re not the same race, but no one says a thing.”

“I don’t understand it,” she adds. “Black men have been doing it for years.”