Gabrielle Union Blonde*It is truly Gabrielle Union‘s time to shine!

The “Being Mary Jane” star recently  posted Instagram pics of herself with golden blonde shoulder-length tresses with the caption, “New Day, New Job …New Do.”

The new job she is referring to is a starring role in the upcoming Chris Rock film, “Finally Famous.” In the movie, she portrays Rock’s scheming fiancée, who sets out to become famous by getting Chris’ character to marry her on national television.

Union doesn’t just use Instagram to debut new hair looks; she relies on selfies to find the perfecting strokes of beauty when tossling her tresses and putting her best face forward. “This is when selfies go right,” Union told “You can experiment with your phone for a family event or something like that. I can do my own hair and makeup and not look completely crazy.”

But like most women, Gabrielle does admit to getting by with a little help from her friends. She shared a beauty tip from pal Sanaa Lathan; which gave her face a flawless finish for a recent awards event.

Sanaa Lathan is one of my best friends and she believes there’s no such thing as too much blush,” Union continues. So that night, “I used a Sanaa trick where I used a ton of blush. Provided it’s not too deep for your skin tone, your face can generally hold more [color] in a well-lit area, like a red carpet.”

With friends like Sanaa Lathan, who needs makeup artists?