mr marcus*Hey ladies, got a craving for some Grade-A, high-quality beefcake? Well, you horn dogs are in luck.

Look no further than for a heaping scoop of muscle-bound, manly goodness. It’s like sex for your eyes.

The website, handcrafted by independent flesh-peddler Kimberly Williams, contains ample footage of half-nude, gyrating men of steel. (Hint: get ready for Mr. Marcus.)

During an interview with EURweb, Kimberly – Ms. Williams if you’re nasty – outlined the criteria for her team of exotic dancing Spartans. Aside from the obvious necessities—baby-oil, body mist, assless leather chaps, cool dance moves, etc.—one attribute stuck out the most.

“They gotta’ be 10’s,” she said in matter-of-fact tone. “Beauty’s in the eye of the beholder, but women come to me for a good show. A man with a gut kills the fantasy. I like hard bodies. My men are gorgeous and my clients always leave satisfied and wanting more.”

Williams continued, “I’m not running a strip club or anything like that. Places like that are dirty and ratchet for lack of a better term. My events provide an entirely different experience. They’re upscale. The women are escorted to their seats by beautiful men. They’re fed catered food. The eating tables are decorated immaculately. We have hosts and servers and barkeeps. It’s a boutique atmosphere. We also divvy out prizes and get the girls involved with interactive games and contests with the talent. Many of these women have never seen a male review show. So they come out and literally loose their minds. It’s good fun.”

mr marcus (bathtub)In 2009, a chance opportunity inspired Williams–who operates in Chicago, Iillnois–to get the ball rolling with her business.

“I used to be a freelance videographer and a friend of mine asked me to tape an event for him,” she explained during the interview. “Come to find out out it was a strip show with male dancers. When I got there, I saw a lot of women but the set-up was just ratchet. I saw a diamond in that big lump of coal; I saw that it could be something so much more. So after i finished shooting the event, I put a plan together to do something similar but way better; and that’s what i think i have accomplished.”

“In most male review shows, the focus is on the men,” added Williams. “There’s no attention paid to the women; they’re herded into a big empty space–it’s like a cattle call.

The concept behind “Girls Night Out” is for women to have access to quality exotic entertainment, she explained. The private business owner hosts events every quarter (four times per year) and through word of mouth has gained an increasingly large female following.

“We can go to them or they can come to us,” she explained unashamed. “We do it all–birthday parties, bridal showers, mad at your man parties–if they need us to provide the venue then that’s an options as well. It makes me happy to see other women happy. That’s why I started doing this.”

“Times are hard,” she added. “A lot of people still cant find jobs or pay their bills. When these ladies come to me they get a chance to relax, unwind and get some joy in their lives. I love what I’m doing.”

mr marcusThis Saturday Nov. 16 at 9pm CST, famed pioneer of erotica Mr. Marcus (the lucky bastard who received the bl–job heard round the world – from SuperHead herself, Karrine Steffans) will join Williams for a “Girl’s Night Out” Bachelor Party at The Supper Club in Chi-Town. The veteran porker—who served 30 days in jail for exposing a pair of his co-stars to syphilis—will be on tap to provide audience members with his guide to great sex (is anyone else confused by this?).

In June, Mr. Marcus was brought up on criminal charges after he falsified medical records and hopped in bed with two young starlets (that’s called a double whammy). After news of his scandal went viral, public opinion of Mr. Marcus dipped considerably. The social media world would later have a field day, ripping his character to pieces. Williams, who doubles as a working girl during the day (not the kind you’re thinking), says she’s aware that Mr. Marcus’ presence this weekend may weaken attendance numbers.

“I’m not worried,” she said casually “He told me that his physician cleared him before he tampered with his file. He says he didn’t even know he had it. I believe him. He might deter some of my customers from coming to ladies night. But it’s already a done deal. He’s a good guy”

With her “private” business (yep, that’s more sex talk) firing on all cylinders, Williams plans to expand throughout nearby cities and states.

“I’m just giving the ladies what they want,” she concluded.  “I feel like the sky’s the limit for me.”