nicki minaj side

*Nicki Minaj’s S&M Halloween outfit looked like something out of “50 Shades of Grey,” but it was one of the rapper’s “regular” outfits that inspired the costume worn by talk show host Ellen DeGeneres on her Halloween show.

Nicki posted to Instagram a series of selfies in her barely-there costume that had fans saying, “Damn!!!” She teased them at first with a shot of some stiletto-heeled vinyl boots draped in handcuffs, asking, “U ready?”

nicki minaj heels cuffs

A few hours later she did the big reveal – sporting electrical tape and a studded leather harness up top and a leather thong, fishnets and thigh-high patent vinyl boots.

nicki minaj front
Meanwhile, Ellen chose to dress up in the outfit Minaj wore on her show recently – a reverse-cleavage bearing outfit, with the bottom of her boobs exposed instead of the top.

nicki minaj ellen degeneres halloween

And of course, because it’s Ellen, she had to take it to another level. Watch below.