Tamela Mann,  Erica Atkins-Campbell and Yolanda Adams

Tamela Mann, Erica Atkins-Campbell and Yolanda Adams

*Over the weekend, at its Los Angeles stop at LA Live, Verizon’s “How Sweet the Sound” showcased top choirs from around the world to compete in the musical competition.

Gospel Royalty like Yolanda Adams, Hezakiah Walker, Erica Campbell, Donald Lawrence & VaShawn Mitchell spoke to EURweb associate, LaCora Stephens, about the secrets of success to win the competition.

According to Mary Mary singer Erica, one must have individuality. She stated:

“It’s hard to define what that special thing is, but you kind of feel it when you see it. It’s just something that shines from the inside…a whole lot of Jesus, that’s what it is!” She continued, “For example, Tye Tribbet has always been original since he started. He’s so wild and oober energetic. I love his presentation of how he does choirs.” Donald Lawrence feels that integrity is key, while they all agreed that the spiritual covering of a pastor is a must, along with paying your tithe is a MUST for success!

Tamela Mann suggested to: Keep Trying. “Don’t give up; don’t take the ‘no’ as a final no. Get back up and try again.” VaShawn chimed in, “Continue to strive for excellence. Don’t go back home and go to ordinary.”
When asked what they wanted people to walk away with, Yolanda Adams quickly exclaimed, “That choral music is not dead.  There’s this myth out there that choirs are dying…that’s a total untruth.  Our churches are built on the foundation of the choir, not just the message of the spoken word. Choirs are certainly not dead.”

The finalists of the night clearly took all of their advice.  They were all amazing! However, all eyes were on gospel giant Shirley Caesar! She made an appearance to receive the Living Legend Award which was well deserved.

For updates on competition and a chance to participate, please visit: www.howsweetthesound.com.