jameis winston

Jameis Winston

*There’s no getting around it, Florida State University quarterback Jameis Winston is in some super serious deep doo-doo.

Winston is being accused by a woman who is insisting that her claim of rape against him is real … that is was NOT consensual: “To be clear … THIS WAS RAPE,” she declared in a statement.

The accuser, a fellow FSU student, and her attorney are taking aim at Winston and his lawyer — claiming the defense of “consensual sex” is nothing more than “reactive damage control” after Winston’s lawyer learned the DNA in her panties matched Jameis, reports TMZ.

The statement says, “To be clear, the victim did not consent. This was a rape.”

The accuser is also calling BS on Winston’s claims that he has multiple witnesses to support his account of consensual sex.

“If [Winston’s lawyer] had knowledge of witnesses beneficial to Winston back in February 2013, it seems logical that [Winston’s lawyer] would have immediately provided those alleged ‘exculpatory witnesses’ to Detective Angulo.  Theoretically, Detective Angulo would have taken the statements of the alleged ‘exculpatory witnesses’ at that time. Instead detective Angulo placed the case on ‘open inactive’ status.”

Meanwhile, Florida State Attorney Willie Meggs has delayed his decision whether to charge Winston in connection with the alleged December 2012 rape of the FSU student in December 2012.

“We are tying up some loose ends,” Meggs said Friday morning, according to USA Today.

Meggs said he is taking a very deliberative approach because of the high-profile nature of the case and the scrutiny his decision is sure to receive.

“I’m going to try to have all of our I’s dotted and T’s crossed,” he said. “Hopefully, don’t overlook anything we could do.”