*A copyright infringement lawsuit was filed in New York on Wednesday against Jay Z over a sample in his single “Run This Town,” reports the New York Daily News.

TufAmerica Inc. claims the rap mogul illegally sampled the 1969 song “Hook & Sling,” by singer Eddie Bo and producer Al Scramuzza, for the 2009 single, which featured Rihanna and Kanye West. [Listen to both songs below.]

The plaintiffs are seeking proceeds from the song and damages to be determined at trial, plus a court order to halt “further distribution and exploitation” of the track, according to the Daily News.

This is the third suit Jay Z and his label executives have faced recently. In March 2012, he and West reached a settlement with Syl Johnson over the use of samples from the song “Different Strokes” for their single “The Joy,” which was featured on the “Watch the Throne” album; and Jay Z is still battling a 2007 lawsuit with Osama Ahmed Fahmy over the sampling of “Khosara, Khosara” for his 2000 song “Big Pimpin’.”