NFL bullying victim Jonathan Martin reads from a prepared statement

NFL bullying victim Jonathan Martin reads from a prepared statement

*Amazing isn’t it? How in some really important matters, change is not inevitable?

Take the Jonathan Martin bullying accusation. Justified by too many as “locker room culture,” according to some of the comments from those on the front lines of this atrocity, no change is necessary.

Martin finally broke his silence and spent nearly seven hours going into “great detail” with the NFL counsel; who continues to investigate his claims of harassment in the locker room of the Miami Dolphins.

But the player remained mum when reporters who were waiting outside tried to question him; saying only that he still wants to play in the NFL.

Martin is in town due to inquiries from the league in attempts to gather information on his claims that he was subjected to bullying by teammate Richie Incognito.

“Although I went into great detail with Mr. Ted Wells and his team,” he told reporters – reading from a prepared statement, “I do not intend to discuss this matter publicly at this time,” Martin said. “This is the right way to handle the situation.

“Beyond that, I look forward to working through the process and resuming my career in the National Football League.”

After that, he and attorney David Cornwell went back into the building, later leaving via a side exit.

Amonst the spectators at the event was Rick Ross, the Miami-based hip-hop artist, whose record label is located in the building across the street.

As for Richie Incognito, he acknowledged leaving a voicemail for Martin in April using a racial slur, threatening to kill him and to slap Martin’s mother. Though Incognito has said he regrets the racist and profane language, he blames it on a locker-room culture of “brotherhood,” not bullying.

Incognito, who is white, has received significant support from teammates (white and black) who swear he is not a racist. Martin has received very little support, in comparison.

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross also plans to meet with Martin and meet with the Dolphins’ front office. On Monday, Ross said two committees would examine the locker-room culture. Players have been virtually unanimous in saying it doesn’t need to be changed.

At Dolphins practice Friday, long snapper John Denney, the team’s players’ union representative, was asked about problems.

“I can’t say I saw it firsthand because I’m not an offensive lineman, and I’m not in their offensive line room. I can tell you from my perspective, and having been in this locker room, I never saw it coming,” he said. “I can say that. It was a surprise to me. There did not seem to be an increase in behavioral problems. It’s been the same here my entire career.”

And this, mind you, is the union rep talking. “It’s been the same here my entire career.” That’s very scary wouldn’t you agree?

Coach Joe Philbin also talked to reporters but kept his focus on football.

“I believe in the guys we have in the locker room,” he said. “I believed in them before this all took place, before all this scrutiny came upon us.

“And I believe in them today.”

Again I ask, is anyone listening to Martin…Or will status quo win this round again?

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