kandi burruss & todd tucker

Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker

*D*mn you, Wendy Williams!!!

Well, that might not be an actual quote from RHOA star Kandi Burruss, but its probably close enough because in no uncertain terms, Kandi says it was because of Williams that her mother has issues with her intended, Todd Tucker.

Mama Joyce has even accused Tucker of cheating on her daughter. It is no secret that she just doesn’t trust or like the man.

But where did the initial mistrust come from? Kandi told ABC News Radio that her mama may have formed an unfavorable view of Todd by watching too many episodes of “The Wendy Williams Show.”

“I can tell you when it started. Last year when Wendy Williams was commenting on our show every week and she was like, ‘[Todd’s] an opportunist. I think he’s an opportunist,’” Kandi recalled. “Next thing I know, my momma comes back and is like, ‘Wendy said that he was an opportunist.’”

We dunno. In this lawsuit yielding society, that’s a big claim. Bear with us, what would the charge be?

“I want to sue for damages. Wendy Williams and her big mouth turned my mother against my fiance. ”

Nah. Where were we?

Now, Kandi has gone and changed the size of her wedding; as we recently reported, she and Todd may just wind up getting hitched in a small ceremony; when previously, she was all about a big wedding. Since it’s not likely that her mom will be there it’s forced her to rethink how big her big day will really be.

“I haven’t decided yet if I want something that’s small and just us or if we wanted to do something bigger and invite people. What was stopping me from even planning is the fact that my mom is not being supportive,” said Kandi. “It’s like, ‘Okay, do I really want to have a wedding and my mom may not show up? Or if she does show up she’s going to be mean and negative?’ You know, you don’t want the bad energy either.”

SMH. Decisions. Decisions.

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Kandi, Wendy and Mama Joyce