Kandi B*Perspective can mean a lot when it comes to healing.

Where one person might take an experience in a negative direction, because of their own journey; another might see it as a positive.

Kandi Burress says her former girl group, Xscape, had the same “sucky” record deal as TLC; a conversation that was rekindled when it came to light recently in the VH1 hit, “CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story.”

While the public had assumed that the young women in TLC just blew all of their money when they filed for bankruptcy; the ladies eventually revealed that it was the bad record deal they signed that didn’t put much of anything in their pockets.

According to Kandi, though, that’s just the way things were in the recording industry at the time. So is she saying that Xscape could possibly have wound up broke too?

“Definitely! To me, everybody got a bad deal in the beginning. Even now, people don’t get that great of a deal unless you build your own movement before you got signed.” Kandi told HipHollywood.com adding, “For us (Xscape) our deal sucked. We didn’t really get that much money on our first deal,” Kandi recalled. “I think we only had the same amount of points–like seven points off the deal. For a lot of people that was the same.”

But here is where perspective comes in.

Looking back on the experience, Kandi admitted that she can understand why the deals may not have been set up to make artists rich right away.

xscape-the-jasmine-brand“That’s what I expect because, in my mind, nobody’s going to go spend all this money and just give you all this money and you haven’t proven yourself yet,” Kandi said, explaining that there was always a chance to upgrade the deal you had. “Everybody went into deals at that time with a sucky deal and it was all about trying to renegotiate on your second time around or your third.”

While she wasn’t happy with the contract she signed, Kandi took it as a means for bigger and better opportunities. She concluded, “I never take it back because that opened the door for me to be able to come in the game.”

Check out her comments in the video below.