kanye wrestles photographer*It’s official, Kanye West is pleading NOT guilty of assaulting a photog last July at LAX

Blair Berk, Kanye’s legal eagle, entered the not guilty plea on his behalf in court this morning. The photographer in question, Daniel Ramos, was repped by Gloria Alred.

In the case, Kanye West was charged with criminal battery and attempted grand theft after allegedly attacking the photo man at the airport and grabbing his camera.

If convicted of both misdemeanors …  Kanye faces a maximum of 1 year in jail.

The photographer has also sued Kanye in civil court for assault and battery.

Chris Brown & Frank-OceanAs far a Chris Brown is concerned, he’s filed a countersuit over the Frank Ocean brawl in West Hollywood.

Back in January Chris and Frank went at it outside a recording studio. The building was damaged and Sha’Keir Duarte — Frank’s cousin — claimed he was kicked and beaten by one of Brown’s bodyguards.  Duarte sued Chris in August for his injuries.

Now, according to TMZ, Chris Brown is claiming Duarte provoked the fight by threatening to kill him.  In the countersuit Chris claims Duarte kicked and punched him.

It’s a little hard to believe, but Brown, of all people, given his rep for violence, swears he attempted to avoid the confrontation “with the aggressive and hostile Mr. Duarte.”

Breezy says it’s all about a shakedown for $$$, saying Duarte’s demand for $2 million is crazy.