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Kanye West shops in New York on November 25, 2013

*Kanye West has pitched another fit – this time against fashion house Louis Vuitton because they wouldn’t take a meeting with him.

“While I was in Paris I wanted to meet the head of Louis Vuitton and he said, ‘I don’t understand why we need to meet with you?’ I said, ‘Let me explain to you why you need to meet with me,'” the rapper said during an interview with 92.3 Now.

He added: “Everybody in New York City right now, don’t buy any Louis Vuitton until after January…Now do you wanna meet with me? Influence…they think that I don’t realize my power.”

Reality star Kim Kardashian does some shopping in New York City, New York with her fiance rapper Kanye West on November 25, 2013

Reality star Kim Kardashian does some shopping in New York City with her fiance Kanye West on November 25, 2013

He went on to share more of his wisdom on Washington’s 95.5 WPGC, arguing that the his soon-to-be in-laws, the Kardashians, are changing the way America views interracial relationships.

Kanye, 36, said: ‘A lot of what the Kardshians do, I don’t think they get enough credit for what they do. They prep America to accept interracial relationships. …I’m not talking about me, I can hop on a plane. I can date a white woman, I can date a black woman, and no matter what they say in the barber shop don’t matter, because I don’t get my haircut there.

“For the people that do, though, there’s a white woman that’s getting talked down to by her friends because she’s dating a black guy. Now you’ve got a point of reference, that you can say, ‘Well, actually this couple right here, that’s dope.”‘