kerry washington (snl screenshot)*Finding itself caught up in a controversy of its own making, “Saturday Night Live” did a rather entertaining and self-deprecating opening show skit that highlighted the show’s blatant lack of diversity when it comes to black women.

We have to give ’em credit because the sketch was both funny and made its point absolutely clear. It consisted of host Kerry Washington portraying Michelle Obama talking to her husband before a state dinner. The president’s press secretary Jay Carney then comes in the room to tell the couple that Oprah Winfrey had just arrived, and Michelle had better go get changed. While asking why, “Michelle” realized Carney was referring to the actress Kerry having to change into costume to portray Oprah. Get it?

When “Oprah” finally arrived, the secretary informed everyone that Beyoncé had arrived, so it looks like Oprah has to leave. Get it?

Meanwhile, the audience is treated to scrolling words telling them that because “SNL” doesn’t have a back actress/comedienne on board, unless they use Keenan Thompson, they have to use Kerry. In other words, it wasa mock-apology apologizing for the lack of black female cast members.

While Washington went to change into “Beyoncé,” however, Carney said that the state dinner will also feature six different Matthew McConaugheys, an obvious reference to SNL’s abundance of white males available to portray the white actor.

And then out of nowhere, Rev. Al Sharpton shows to sum it all up: “What have we learned from this sketch?” he asked. “As usual, absolutely nothing.”

Watch below: