Kerry W on Lucky*Our ears always perk up when we get tidbits on ultra-private Scandal star, Kerry Washington.

We recently learned that she and new husband, Nnamdi Asomugha, are expecting their first child together; and now fans eager to know a bit more about the Scandal star will learn a few fun facts about Washington in the pages of the new Lucky; where she is barely recognizable on the cover, and makes an interesting comment about  her engagement and wedding rings inside.

“I never wanted to have a ring that I would feel uncomfortable riding the subway with,” explained the mom-to-be. “My wedding band and engagement ring are the only things I can say that I wear every day, I pin them to my clothing on set. That way, I always have them with me.”

And just in case you thought Washington was one of those, “don’t even think I can cook” type of gals, fuggitaboutit. Girlfriend loves being in the kitchen around the holidays especially.

“My mother’s birthday is close to Christmas, and I like to cook around the holidays,” she said. “I have a brussels sprouts dish that I make,” she elaborates. “And my mom and I bake this Jamaican rum cake together.”

With a new baby on the way, this holiday season will be even more special for the couple.