Jay Z’s Two Mothers and the Missing Money
Whoa! This is certainly news to us, but, according to gossip blogger Sandra Rose, Jay Z’smom, Gloria Carter, is a lesbian.

Not only is she a butch gay female, she is also dating a Latina PYT named Dania Diaz. Gloria is the HNIC at the Shawn Carter Foundation, so she gave her boo-thang (Dania) a cushy gig as executor of the Shawn Carter Foundation’s Scholarship Fund. Rumors in the blogosphere are alleging that Gloria and / or Dania might be taking money from the scholarship fund, which should go to inner-city youth, and are funding NYC LGBT causes instead.

*Side eye* is Gloria Carter dipping in the till to ensure she will continue to be able to dip in Dania’s cookie jar?

According to Jacky Jasper’s Hollywood Street King blog, “Tax returns from 2011 show the foundation had revenues of about $802,000, assets of nearly $630,000 … yet had given out roughly $100,750 in scholarships.” If true, this is just messy. How do you justify taking money from inner city youth and tricking it off?  Where in the hell is the cash? Yo Gloria Carter, stop being a sugar-momma and show me the money!

gloria carter

Gloria Carter, Jay Z and Dania Diaz

Kevin Terry Rocks the Skin Mic
Lawd. We’ve seen the tape of his tryst with another man and gospel artist Kevin Terry needs to simply shut up. 

Boo, you can not justify the porn-star skills you rocked on the skin mic. The only thing that was being killed and destroyed was that thang you were licking, lapping, and slurping on. Yo, we’ve all sinned, boo.

Many of us simply don’t try to justify our sins with facebook bible quotes. What’s done in the dark will always come to the light, especially when it’s shamelessly done in front of a video camera. What in the fcuk were you thinking?! Do you, boo.

kevin terry (skin mic)kevin terry (facebook)The New Atlanta
The New Atlanta is actually pretty damned boring. There is one reason and one reason only that I will make an effort to catch it – Vawn.

 vawn (new atlanta)Upscale Girls Night Out – Nov 16, 2013 in Chicago
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November 16, 2013 Upscale Girls Night Out Chicago!
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