show your joe (boxer)*Whoo doggy!

Have ya seen that new Kmart/Joe Boxer Christmas ad? Let’s just put it this way: they’ve come up with a whole new way to play/perform “Jingle Bells.”

The ad, called “Show Your Joe,” features six men playing hand bells while standing behind a table. The table and bells are soon pulled off screen, and the men, who appeared to be wearing tuxedos, are shown to be clad in Joe Boxers. The men then start playing “Jingle Bells” by shaking their hips to ring their “bells,” according to ABC News.

Needless to say, the advert his its fans and haters on Kmart’s Facebook page:

“Not shopping at Kmart. Definitely tasteless,” one says. “Your ad is disgusting and very distasteful,” another says. Not everyone found the ad to be offensive. “Love the new commercial,” one viewer gushed. “I love the ‘Show Your Joe’ commercial,” another said.

Watch and let us know what you think: