kordell stewart*Kordell Stewart wants his side of the story told now, because apparently, what ex-wife Porsha Stewart said on the Wendy Williams Show recently, didn’t quite resonate … with him, that is.

“After the show, guess who called me? Kordell. Bloop! Wendy shared while primping herself to go home. “He wasn’t mad, but he’s definitely ready to tell his side of the story–and I am all ears,” she exclaims.

Wendy says instead of giving us the deets herself, she “likes it better when it comes straight from the horse’s mouth.”

Kordell seemed to be taking the mum on the subject road for awhile, but he appears to be stepping out more lately; interesting in telling his side of the story, which Wendy certainly doesn’t mind.

“Gotta respect a guy who’s going to make a phone call,” says Wendy. “He wasn’t mad. He just wanted to set the record straight.”

But an interview with the former husband is not necessarily a done deal yet. Wendy says she got to do the logistics; talk with her people.

“I’ve got to get together with my producers and find out how soon we can make that happen, if at all,” she adds.