Kordell and Porsha divorce*Kordell Stewart is finally opening up and telling his version of why he divorced RHOA star, Porsha Stewart. And he swears being “gay” plays no part in it.

“I promise you on my life in everything that I’m part of, including my son and my father who’s no longer here, that that has never happened nor will anything ever come up, ever come up, with no dude about me and nothing,” Kordell emphatically told DJ Ryan Cameron.

And check this, Stewart says he actually suggested that Porsha file for the divorce, but she was too broke to do so and declined. The couple was married for less than two years.

According to Kordell, the last straw in a marriage that was dismantling even before Porsha inked the deal with RHOA, was when she did not allow his son (from a previous relationship) to have his birthday party at his house; even though this was not the case with her nieces, nephews and other family members who were welcomed to enjoy the property.

The season 6 premiere of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” had Porsha wondering why Kordell filed for divorce. He blamed her absence in their household and her apparent inability (or unwillingness) to fulfill her duties as the woman of the house as his primary motivation. He claims she was staying out ’til the wee hours of the morning, and he had no answers for his son, who wanted to know where his stepmom was.

“When my son asked me these few times, I have to figure out how do I make him understand what’s going on. He doesn’t deserve to have to deal with that when there are two parents at home. If anything, we should be eating dinner together, finding a way to get it done or making sure that when the kid goes to bed that you go in there and check on the kid. Kiss him goodnight, even if it’s three in the morning,” said Kordell.

OK, we feel you on that point.

But instead of Porsha playing good little wifey, Kordell says she would give attitude when he checked her, saying she’s a grown azz woman and can do whatever she wants.

Well, we see how that worked out.

“I ain’t never had this gangsta talk to me from my woman before from the standpoint of you’re doing your thing, but it’s supposed to be about the household,” he said. “When you come out of your mouth and show that type of disrespect, you don’t know how much that burned me up inside.”

Kordell had more to say. Take a look at this video.