jabari jumaane

LAFD Firefighter Jabari Jumaane

*Los Angeles, CA – A Los Angeles jury today concluded that Jabari Jumaane, an African-American firefighter who has been with the Los Angeles City Fire Department for 27-years had been the victim of racial discrimination, retaliation, and a hostile workplace and awarded him $1.1M.

The verdict came after 16 days of deliberations and a 7 weeklong trial in LAFD firefighter Jumaane’s racial discrimination, harassment, and retaliation lawsuit against the city.

Jumaane, who is Black, said that his captain falsified performance evaluations under the direction of his then battalion chief which set him up to be subjected to serious discipline which included excessive and unreasonable reprimands and two suspensions.

“We are grateful to the jury for this historic verdict which clearly indicts the Department and the City for its systemic discrimination and retaliation against Black fire members which it has condoned and perpetuated for decades,” said Jumaane’s attorney Nana Gyamfi.

“I am grateful that the jury was willing to look at the evidence presented during this case and render the only reasonable verdict,” said firefighter Jabari Jumaane. “This verdict will allow us to further address institutional racism within the Los Angeles City Fire Department.

In February, Jumaane will celebrate 28 years with the Los Angeles Fire Department.