Lamar Odom keeps his wedding ring

*Lamar Odom will not be prosecuted for vandalizing a photographer’s equipment after agreeing to pay for the damage and to undergo anger management.

The 33-year-old basketball star appeared in the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office on Monday with his lawyer Shawn Holley, where he was informed he will avoid prosecution for allegedly destroying a photographer’s equipment in July if he stays out of trouble and seeks help for his anger issues. Also, if he breaks the law within a year’s time, criminal charges will be filed against him.

Stefan Saad filed a lawsuit against the former Los Angeles Clippers star in September, accusing him of destroying more than $15,000 worth of his equipment. He claimed Lamar opened his car and threw all of his photography equipment onto the street after Saad asked him questions about his marriage to Khloe Kardashian, and also accused Lamar of stealing some of his equipment.

At the time, Odom was in the thick of his drug and infidelity scandals.

Saad said the entire incident was caught on tape and he accused Kanye West, who is engaged to Khloe’s sister Kim, of being partially responsible for the attack, claiming the rapper advised Lamar about how to deal with paparazzi.

The photographer is suing Lamar for assault, conversion (stealing property), and trespassing, demanding in excess of $565,000 in compensation.