sharpton press conf

*Civil rights leaders and executives from New York’s Retail Council pulled together a list Monday of representatives to sit on a special racial-profiling task force, reports the New York Daily News. The Rev. Al Sharpton had given industry leaders the weekend to create the working committee.

John Harper, president of store operations for Macy’s, and a Barneys executive have both agreed to sit on the panel. Several other major retailers are represented, said Ted Potrikus, vice president of the state Retail Council. Civil rights leaders have also sent him a list of their members who will join the working committee, he said. The two groups will communicate via email and conference calls over the holidays, with a target date of Dec. 4 to present findings and recommendations at a second “shop-and-frisk” forum.

The push for a working group to clarify store policies and establish monitors to watch for racial profiling grew out of Friday’s meeting in a Midtown church between civil rights advocates and store heads. The “shop-and-frisk” scandal started last month when two black shoppers accused Barneys and the NYPD of racially profiling them as they shopped at the upscale store.

Two other black shoppers have made similar allegations against Macy’s.