*Martin Lawrence will star opposite Kelsey Grammer in “Braddock & Jackson,” a 10-episode comedy series from partners Lionsgate and cable channel FX, reports Deadline.

The pair star as Chicago lawyers from vastly different backgrounds who develop a partnership after they unexpectedly meet in court on the worst day of their lives, forcing each other to find the balance between the ethical and the unscrupulous in both their professional and personal lives.

FX has picked up 10 episodes of the untitled series which, in success, will be followed by a 90-episode back order.’s Nellie Andreeva explains how Lawrence and Grammer ended up together:

Debmar-Mercury had been talking to Lawrence about headlining a 10/90 vehicle when sibling Lionsgate TV approached them about doing a comedy with Grammer, who had a deal at the studio stemming from the Emmy winner’s involvement in the Lionsgate TV-produced Starz drama Boss. I hear it was Debmar-Mercury co-president Ira Bernstein who came up with the idea to pair the two stars. “Martin is arguably one of the funniest men alive and after some success in drama I thought it might be time to try my hand at comedy,” Grammer said. A November meeting right before Thanksgiving between Grammer, Lawrence and Lionsgate/Debmar-Mercury brass followed, where the two actors showed great chemistry. After a brief pause while Grammer’s financial divorce settlement was finalized, the project was put on the fast track at the beginning of the year. Boyett and Horn were brought in as writers/showrunners and the project was taken out to buyers at the very end of May. It was pitched to all major broadcast networks and a number of cable networks. It came down to TV Land, which went very aggressively after the property, and FX, with FX ultimately landing the series. “There was an immediate rapport between Kelsey and Martin from their very first meeting, and when Bob and Robert joined as showrunners, all the stars aligned in a very exciting way,” Lionsgate TV Group President Kevin Beggs said.