Melissa De Sousa as Shelby in "The Best Man Holiday"

Melissa De Sousa as Shelby in “The Best Man Holiday”

*Melissa De Sousa and Regina Hall have some advice for folks planning on seeing “The Best Man Holiday.”

Bring some tissue.

“Some people said they cried,” Hall told us during recent interviews for the film. “A lot of people aren’t expecting the tears.”

“The commercials have you bamboozled,” laughed DeSouza.

Added Hall: “Yeah, the trailer’s all joyful. You think they’re gonna dance all weekend.”

Regina Hall and Harold Perrineau in "The Best Man Holiday"

Regina Hall and Harold Perrineau in “The Best Man Holiday”

For the most part, the reunion weekend was a happy occasion for the college friends in “The Best Man Holiday.” And Harper (Taye Diggs), Lance (Morris Chestnut), Quentin (Terrence Howard) and Julian (Harold Perrineau) did get their New Edition choreography on.

But, without giving anything away, things do take an emotional turn for Lance and his wife Mia (Monica Calhoun).

“Those scenes were tough,” says DeSouza, who plays Julian’s ex-girlfriend Shelby. “But it was so easy to get to for some reason, I think because we are such good friends behind the scenes and we’ve known each other for over 15 years now. So we actually feel a bond.”

When things weren’t somber, the laughter and antics on director Malcolm Lee’s set was constant, according to DeSouza, Perrineau and Hall…especially when they all filmed scenes together.  Listen below. 

“The Best Man Holiday” opens nationwide on Friday (Nov. 15). Watch the trailer below.