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Morris Chestnut as Lance Sullivan in “The Best Man Holiday”

*Lance Sullivan is still a star football player in director Malcolm Lee’s “The Best Man Holiday” — which is good for the character, but a little tricky for the actor playing him.

“It was really challenging for me physically to have to be in great shape,” said Morris Chestnut during interviews for the film last weekend. “And Malcolm said they wanted me to take my shirt off, and there were a couple of other explicit scenes that we didn’t get to shoot, so it was tough for me emotionally and physically because I really couldn’t eat. I lost a lot of weight for that movie just because I had to portray a football player that was still in shape.”

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Morris Chestnut and Monica Calhoun in “The Best Man Holiday”

Chestnut says the film shoot was also tough because of what his character and co-star Monica Calhoun go through during the course of the story.

Below, the 44-year-old star, who sat down with us alongside Calhoun, talks about the on-set frustration of having to film such emotional scenes.

“The Best Man Holiday” opens Nov. 15. Watch the trailer below.