mrs-carter-show-world-tour*Three cheers for the Queen Bey!

According to box office stats reported to Billboard, the Beyoncé “Mrs. Carter Show” has passed the $100 million mark in box office sales since launching in April.

The artist has earned the No. 1 Hot Tours ranking with $44.9 million in box office grosses from her fall tour through cities in Latin America and Australia; making the overall gross from the ongoing tour $104.3 million from more than 883,000 tickets sold at 59 performances.

Rihanna‘s not doing bad either; taking a close second slot on this week’s Hot Tours tally, according to sales reported from the final nine weeks of her Diamonds world tour that ended on Nov. 15.

Congratulations ladies!

fantasia & dule hill*Fantasia Barrino says actor Dule Hill is NOT her new boo.

The singer has shot down speculation that she is messing around with her “After Midnight” co-star after media went crazy when they appeared to cozy up on the red carpet for their show a few weeks ago.

Duh, when will we realize this is what these folks do…create illusion for public speculation to stay relevant? But then again, if we didn’t write about it, we would have no entertainment news.

The two had even snapped “selfies” at a cast party. But before anyone could make a big deal out of it, ‘Tasia shot down rumors that she’s in love with Dule by posting a simple message on Instagram.

And no, before you ask, we don’t have it.

So there…Next!