jason olive*LOS ANGELES – Jason Olive, star of Tyler Perry’s for “Better or Worse” on OWN, may be mostly known for his acting abilities and his super model appearance. However, this award winning photographer has been capturing both chaos and beauty with his camera for over 15 years.

Recently acknowledged for one of the top 20 groundbreaking works of photography, in the renowned Photo LA Contest, Jason will unveil pieces from his award-wining Devil’s Churn series at a group exhibit entitled, Nebula.

Nebula, which takes place at the Hangar Gallery in Santa Monica, combines powerful viewpoints that inspire a wild array of human emotion. For example, featured artist, Sage Gallon evokes gut wrenching humanity through his series Cracks. Paying homage to a painful existence he overcame, Cracks captures “the loneliness, the isolation and the humanity of an addict,” stated Sage.

“When I was on the streets, addicted to crack [cocaine], I would see the looks in others eyes, as though my humanity was stripped away. People would cross the street, move to different seats on the subway or bus. It was as though I didn’t have value. What they didn’t understand was that I was simply in a lot of pain and at that time in my life… I wanted to capture more than just a guy smoking crack [cocaine], I wanted to capture a man, another human – bring in his beauty and his pain.”

Although their pieces are dissimilar, both Jason and Sage force viewers to step outside of ‘the status quo’ by showing an unadulterated look at nature and at life.

“For me” Jason says, “the Devils Churn Collection presents such a massive and dynamic occurrence in nature. Although Sage, I and the other artists exhibiting have vastly different subject matters, the tumultuous chaos and inexplicable beauty of life and our world is woven  throughout. And I hope it creates a powerful effect on all that view it.”

Nebula Art Exhibit will take place in the Los Angeles-area at The Hanger Gallery, 3163 Donald Douglas Loop S. Santa Monica CA, 90405 on November 15th 6 p.m.-9 p.m. Event also features Darioush Wine Reception and live performance by Yana and music by DJ Avijah Shaya. To RSVP contact [email protected].

About Nebula
The Nebula Art Exhibit brings together a group of phenomenal artists with works ranging from
esoteric waves to a documentation of addiction. The featured artists are award-winning
photographer, Jason Olive; actor and photographer Sage Gallon; photographer Lucas Bonetti,
and living sculpture by Yana Clark. The event is hosted by Youri Bujko and Luciana Andrade.
Nebula Art Exhibit will take place in the Los Angeles-area at The Hanger Gallery, 3163 Donald
Douglas Loop S. Santa Monica CA, 90405 on November 15th 6 p.m.-9 p.m.

About Jason Olive
A celebrated actor who has appeared in both film and television, Jason is currently starring in the
top-rated comedy series, “Tyler Perry’s For Better or Worse” on OWN TV. Jason has gained
great notoriety with his photography being named by Emerging Focus as one of the top 20
emerging photographers in the country. Jason’s series, the Devil’s Churn Collection, focuses on
the ferocious beauty of the Oregon coast. www.devilschurn.com

About Sage Gallon
Sage Gallon is a modern-day renaissance man. A photographer, painter, poet, actor, artist, this
‘young’ photographer is emerging as a power house in the art world. As an actor, Sage has
appeared in both film and stage productions. In 2012 he picked up a camera and went to work.
Sage’s series Crack(s) is a hellish, honest document of a man and his addiction to crack cocaine.
Sage’s Crack(s) challenges his audience to not only feel the subject’s pain but also to bare
witness to his beauty. A portion of sale proceeds will benefit the Beit T’Shuvah organization.

About Yana Clark
Yana Clark is a multimedia artist born in a family fostering appreciation
of all art forms. Yana’s great grandmother, the internationally-known artist
Lygia Clark, influenced her greatly and provided her with a formidable artistic foundation.
“Nebula” will be featuring a performance from her series entitled “Body of Light” constituting
an interactive living sculpture shaped as the human body. www.yanaclark.com

About Lucas Bonnetti
Lucas Bonetti is an emerging photographer currently studying Digital Photography at The Art
Institute of California – Hollywood. Lucas photographs landscapes and cityscapes with a poetic
approach. His current series “Terra” features the harmony and duality between natural and
man-made elements. He wants the viewer to appreciate the beauties of natural and urban
landscapes in his vibrant photographs from places in the United States and Brazil.


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