nicci gilbert

‘I actually wasn’t going to come back for season two because there were things that occurred that I wasn’t happy about.’ — Nicci Gilbert

*Its good to know that TV One has decided – as we reported earlier – to renew its popular reality series “R&B Divas Atlanta” for a third season and “R&B Divas LA” for its second season.

And while the cast of “L.A.” will all be back together again (as far as we know), we couldn’t help but notice that Nicci Gilbert will be MIA from the Atlanta cast, and wait, Faith Evans too! Hmmm …what gives?

Of course we don’t want to jump to any conclusions so let’s hear what Ms. Gilbert has to say about her great escape.

“I just realized that it really wasn’t a good look for me as a 43-year-old woman with a daughter that I’m trying to raise,” Gilbert told MadameNoire, adding that she wanted to set a good example and felt that bickering back and forth with the women she started the whole series as friends with was just not for her. She even spilled that she originally wanted to leave the show after season one, but had a change of heart.

“I actually wasn’t going to come back for season two because there were things that occurred that I wasn’t happy about.” These “things” include the way she says she was portrayed on the show – as one-dimensional. She had quite a bit of creative input during season one when the series was just getting off the ground, but things changed to the point that the show she helped put together as a producer was more damaging than anything.

But Gilbert fans (we assume she has some!) will be happy to know that yo’ girl won’t be totally gone; she’ll keep her producer hat on and be pulling strings behind the scenes.

“I’m still getting a check as a producer, so please, tune into R&B Divas!”

Sweet revenge…

Nicci plans to give people a different view of her life on her own reality show, coming out in 2014. She says it will paint her in more than just the one-dimensional way folks saw her on R&B Divas. She also says that people can expect to see that R&B Divas tour after all, just not on Thanksgiving as the ladies initially planned.

Who else is gettin’ gone?

Though there is very little information,in addition to Nicci and Faith Evans,  LaTocha Scott has also bid the show farewell. BTW, a “little birdie” from TV One informed us that Faith, not unlike Gilbert, prefers to continue on the show in the role of executive producer.

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