nicci gilbert*Singer, reality star and producer Nicci Gilbert says that if there is a season 3 of “R&B Divas: Atlanta,” it should focus on the singers getting past their differences and working things out.

“Hopefully, what the third season will be is about us healing,” said Nicci, who isn’t 100 percent certain the hit TV One show will be returning. “We’ll see where we end up with season 3.”

Nicci and fellow cast mate Faith Evans are two of the shows creators, but weren’t exactly pleased with how the show turned out.

“I’m happy with the success and I’m very thankful to God for those things, but we weren’t as involved creatively. So, I think things took a turn differently than what we initially had in mind,” Faith told HipHollywood.

Nicci, who told Sister 2 Sister that Faith, KeKe Wyatt and Monifah are the only co-stars she’s on a friendly basis with, admitted that the reality TV series has “been a hard ride.”

If you recall, the season kicked off with a disagreement between Nicci and co-star Syleena Johnson over the making of a DVD. Nicci also found herself in other disagreements and by the end of the season had reached the breaking point with another cast mate, Angie Stone. Nicci resented Angie questioning her about her daughter’s charity and spreading rumors about her fashion line, Curvato.

Angie apologized during Part 2 of the reunion show, which allowed Nicci to get a few things off her chest.

“I felt like I had an opportunity to share some of the things that I needed to share,” said Nicci, who clarified to S2S that her fashion designs are American made, despite what Angie implied.

“Now it’s all over online that I get my clothes made in China because of something Angie Stone said,” Nicci explained. “In my boutique—because everyone can’t afford a custom Curvato piece of clothes for $200—I sell the look for less and it states that when you go and buy it.”

According to Nicci, Angie’s comments negatively affected her business, but she’s working on repairing her retail reputation.

Season 2 didn’t capture the essence of sisterhood like Faith and Nicci hoped, but Nicci is optimistic about the “R&B Divas: Atlanta” story having a happy ending.

“The good part about that is that you can always show something go bad and then go good again,” she told HipHollywood. “Everybody loves a comeback story.”