house of lies*Earlier we told you about the shooting incident that went down over the weekend as Showtime’s “House of Lies” was being filmed in South LA’s notorious Nickerson Gardens projects.

Now, one of the shooters is speaking out, telling TMZ that his crew only fired shots to teach the production a lesson about respect. However, they never put lives in real danger.

Chief shot caller, some dude named “P” says he and his boys felt disrespected by producers who benefited from the location but failed to give back by donating to the community.

He also so wants to make it absolutely clear that they didn’t shoot AT anybody … only in the air. Now that’s responsible gang bangin’.

“P” adds: “It would be different if they (producers) went there and helped out my hood, but they want to use it to make a million and not give us s**t.”

“F**k that,” “P” continues, “we let them muthaf***as be shook for a minute and sweat … but they left with a real feeling of what it’s like in the projects.”