kanye kim & north*It’s kinda old news a thjis point, but Kim Kardashian and Kanye West naming their baby daughter North West still has people from everywhere weighing in.

The name has inspired jokes such as, “Does this make Kim’s vag the Northwest Passage?” which seems kind of cruel to most people.

But let’s listen to what the real experts have to say: People who are named North West. With so many people questioning West and Kardashian naming their daughter North West, others with the name say they don’t have a problem with it at all.

“I wouldn’t change it,” North E. West, a Pennsylvania man, told the New York Daily News. “With me, it worked in the dating scene. It was just interesting and unique and set me apart … It’s a pretty unforgettable name, and I know my past girlfriends are hearing it everywhere right now. It’s like a little dig.”

“It’s free-spirited,” his mother Ferne West said. Ferne stated her husband came up with the name and they both liked it.

Another person with the moniker North West also chimed in. A grandmother living in North Carolina has managed to live with it for 95 years. She also told the Daily News: “I reckon I like my name all right. I always thought it was a little odd, but it never gave me any problems.” The 95 year old  admitted that she had never heard of the Kardashians.

A man named North Leppert, told the News: “My name has opened many, many doors for me. It’s an icebreaker and sounds very forward and adventurous. Nobody forgets it.”

To some people the name is unusual but you may come to find out that’s it’s a somewhat common name. If you were to search for it on the online white pages, dozens of people from all over the country will be listed with the name North West.