Oprah-and-Patti-LaBelle*If ever the term ‘divalicious’ was aptly applied, it was done so during Oprah Winfrey’s interview with Patti LaBelle on Oprah’s Next Chapter. The interview took place at Harlem’s famed Apollo Theater.

Who could argue with the authenticity that Ms. Patti displayed in her confident responses to questions posed by the Queen of Talk.  Who would dare question those responses, knowing that this woman helped create the game that only a few have survived long enough to play.

So when Oprah asked the legendary singer, who has performed on the Apollo stage, “So you never got booed here?”

“What?” was really all Ms. Patti had to say, but she elaborated for our sake with a, “Girl, who you talking to?”

Webster’s must define True Diva as Patti LaBelle. The woman, who seems to never leave people in their seats once she has completed a song, can change the temperature in a room just by entering.

When Oprah spoke about her Legends ball, where she has feted great black women who have inspired her, she asked if LaBelle — who has been honored by her at the ball — thought of herself as a legend.

“Yes, I really do,” Patti said frankly; and when Oprah asked if she has truly accepted the title, the “New Attitude” singer replied incredulously, “What?”

How refreshing she is from the seemingly fake humility often donned by some celebrities!

From refusing to speak into strangers’ cell phones, to decrying the engagement in social media of any kind, Patti LaBelle truly flexes her divalicious muscles in this interview.

LaBelle even clears up the details of a long-running feud between herself and yet another bold diva, Diana Ross, and is compared to current pop diva Lady Gaga.

It is truly a diva-themed television event.

But as we all know, for every up there’s an inescapable down, and Ms. Patti didn’t leave without sharing hers.

“I’ve been shut down. Run down. Talked about. Dogged out,” LaBelle told Winfrey, choking back tears. “But that never stopped me from being the true me that’s here and will be here. I could never not be happy about my life.”

Neither could we, Ms. Patti. Neither could we.

Watch clips from the show: