What is this body language really saying?

What is this body language really saying?

*Hmmmm…..NObody Pebbles?

Now that should tell you something.

The “defamed” 80s singer and former manager of girl group TLC was on the Wendy Williams Show yesterday (11-13-13); defending herself against the “bogus lies” she claims took place on the VH1 biopic, “CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story.”

She brought family with her, adult daughter Ashley Reid was in the audience.

In typical Wendy style, she was asked all the questions we wanted answers to, including whether she believed Chilli and her ex-husband, L. A. Reid, were sleeping together behind her back?

To which Pebbles replied: “Absolutely!”

The “Mercedes Boy” singer also said that VH1 execs sent her an email saying that the biopic, which TLC swears up and down was true, was actually a work of fiction. Wendy theorized they were just trying to cover their back in order to avoid a defamation lawsuit by Pebbles.

With that said, it seems they would have made some kind of public statement to that end. After all, they read the news, haven’t they noticed by now that there’s a problem?

It’s just a question.

Pebbles back n the day

Pebbles back ‘n the day!

Courtesy of Sandra Rose, here’s a bit of what went down on Wendy:

WW: Did you steal millions of dollars [from the group TLC]:
Pebbles: Hell no!

WW: Did you give them $25 a week and buy them Rav4′s?
Pebbles: You don’t have Ferrari money. Why get you one? You haven’t made that. You’re a new group.

WW: Did the girls ever see millions of dollars individually?
Pebbles: Yes. But I can’t talk about people’s money.

WW: Did you kick Chilli out of the group?
Pebbles: Absolutely not. T-Boz and Left Eye did.

WW: Is anything about the movie true?
Pebbles: I wear Chanel bags.

Pebbles is making the rounds. She also stopped in to chat with Marc Lamon Hill at HuffPost Live, where she covered the TLC/Chilli story and talked about her relationship with label executive, Clive Davis, and whether she felt exploited by the trio’s past financial issues.

“I have been disregarded, disrespected, and defamed from everybody that was a part of that process of what took place…as it relates to being thrown under a bus,” she said. “Clive Davis knows my involvement and my creativity, and my responsibility for what I brought to the table…Nobody will speak up for me.”

Watch Pebbles’ full interview with Wendy below.

Watch Pebbles interview with Marc Lamont Hill of HuffPost Live:

And if by chance you haven’t seen “CrazySexyCool,” no prob … here it is in its entirety, below. Enjoy.