porsha stewart - winter warm up promo*If she doesn’t watch it, Porsha Stewart is going to find her labeled with the tags, “thief” and “deadbeat” among others that aren’t too nice.

It seems the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star took advantage of her fans and a Florida promoter and basically stole a couple of thousand dollars. All because she was late to a scheduled event/fashion show called the “Winter Warm Up.”

Tanika Olivier tells TMZ … she hired Stewart to make a 4-hour appearance in Ocoee, Fl. Thursday night.  She wasn’t just an hour late… or 2 hours … or 3 hours.  She showed up 20 minutes before they folded up tent.

According to Olivier … Stewart had a bunch of lame excuses — her flight was delayed … the driver took her to the wrong hotel … and they had to make a stop to change into fresh clothes.

Stewart was paid $2K up front — so claims Olivier — and she had the nerve to demand  the $2K balance.   Things got ugly and cops were called.

The report says authorities told the girls to settle it on their own and Olivier reluctantly cut Porsha a $2K check. However, she told TMZ that she’s decided to stop payment and she wants her upfront $2K payment back ASAP.

Hmm, well as broke as ex-husband Kordell Stewart says she is, good luck getting that $2,000 back, Ms. Olivier.