*Deitrick Haddon has quickly become known as the voice of opposition and here’s news, he doesn’t really care.

This preacher of L.A. admits this has been his calling card since he started preaching at age 11. And now, on the hit reality series Preacher’s of L.A. the moniker may be what is causing audiences on the show to swell. It is, afterall, the highest rated show on the Oxygen network.

His knack for cutting to the chase and shutting down what he sees as Christian misrepresentations may be a bit disarming, but hey, such is life right?

In a recent interview with JET magazine’s Quassan Castro, Haddon talks about why folks seem to be harder on Christians when they slip up; the message behind his new CD “RED: Restoring Everything Damaged,” and what he feels the critics of Preachers L.A. should really be concentrating on.

Quassan Castro/Jet: Why are folks harder on Christians when they slip verses folks who are not of Christian faith?

 Deitrick Haddon: They get on my nerves. I want to line them all up and slap them. [Laughs] Actually, believers are harder on each other than people that are not professing to be Christians. You judging somebody is saying you are perfect. We attack each other and take a stand as Christians, though when we fall short we become so hard on one another.

The Bible tells us to restore one another when we fall short. The Bible already says we are going to fall short. I’m trying to figure out who really has the authority to be so hard on another human being. We don’t know what tomorrow may bring. I used to be that person. I would get on the pulpit as a young man and say, “All you folks who ain’t living right are going to hell.” I was really going in and folks were shouting and hollering. I didn’t realize I had more years ahead in my own personal life where anything can take place.  You have to be more merciful and have love and compassion for people or you’re just sowing a seed for your own demise.

QC/Jet: R.E.D. : RESTORING EVERYTHING DAMAGED is the name of your new album.  The CD is nothing short of what you bring to gospel fans with every song you write and sing. Can you share some insight on it?

D.H.: That record is the soundtrack of my life over the last two years. This album has to be the best album I’ve been able to produce because it’s the most transparent and most real. I wrote the songs in the midst of a personal storm. These songs are the songs I would sing to myself for encouragement. That’s why I feel like people are connecting with the music and the album debuted at number one. I think every believer should have my music because when you’re going through challenges, my songs are able to encourage you.

QC/Jet: What do you say to some harsh critics who think the show displays preachers as pontificating about riches and displaying lavish lifestyles?

D.H. : I don’t think those people are really watching the show. I think they should give themselves the opportunity to watch the show instead of coming to conclusions. These men cannot deny the houses they own or their successes. If you do a reality television show based on my life, you’re going to see how I honestly live. I can’t deny where I live or what I drive, it’s the fruit of my hard work–not an attempt to glorify wealth. In no way is this show celebrating the opulence of a preacher’s life. This is the realest show you’re going to watch when it comes to preachers and believers. It’s funny how people are fine with fictitious characters of preachers. They’ll watch those characters all day. They’ll sit and laugh at comedians mocking Christians or preachers all day. All of us have been preaching mostly all of our lives. Preachers are naturally entertaining; it’s what we have to do every Sunday to keep the focus of our congregation. We are the real deal.

Haddon has surmounted many challenges in his life, and may be the first to claim things don’t always happen “in order.” In episode four of Preachers of L.A. he married his baby-mama, Dominique in the backyard of her mother Faye’s house (watch it below).

Deitrick proclaimed, “God keeps blessing us out of order….” The baby out-of-wedlock, the house. He confessed that he did things out of order, and added, “God is the only one I can trust with the matters of my heart.”

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