malcolm d lee *It’s like a 15 year college reunion!

Malcolm D. Lee reunites his original cast for “The Best Man Holiday.”

The long-awaited sequel to the 1999 romantic comedy “The Best Man.”  This time the friends are brought together to celebrate Christmas, life and adversity.

At the “Best Man Holiday” press junket, EURweb talked to the director about the sequel, his favorite scene and a television spinoff.

Why did you wait 15 years to do a sequel?

Malcolm D. Lee: “I didn’t want to get pigeonholed as a director. ‘The Best Man’ was my first movie and I didn’t want to do the same thing. I didn’t want to tell the same story. The things you think about in your twenties are very different than what you think about in your forties; like marriage, kids, and paying bills. You’re doing grown stuff.”

What was your favorite scene to shoot?

Malcolm D. Lee: “‘Can’t Stand The Rain’ because the guys were so into it and excited. They were nervous about the women watching them. They said, let’s not have them there. I said, it’s going to fuel you and be more natural.  Taye Diggs and Harold Perrineau were the most excited because they’re both classically trained. Morris Chestnut was the one  that was like, I need a lot of extra help.”

The Best Man HolidayWill you do a ‘Best Man’ television spinoff?

Malcolm D. Lee: “It’s possible! It is a rich enough world and a world that is rarely seen on network or cable television. The question would be could we get all the actors to do a series, where do we start the series at and do we cast different people. If this movie is successful  maybe we’ll do a series that would take place from the end of the first ‘Best Man’ up until ‘Best Man Holiday’, the 14 year span.”

Will there be a third ‘Best Man’ movie?

Malcolm D. Lee: “We have to see how this one will perform first! That will dictate whether a third one gets made. There have been some whispers. I have an idea let’s just put it like that and I will not wait another 15 years.”

best man holiday “The Best Man Holiday” opens in theaters November 15.

Listen to Lee’s interview here.