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*Hot on the heels of his collabo with Lady Gaga, R. Kelly has contributed vocals to another pop superstar’s track.

Justin Bieber sent out a tweet linking to a Vibe article where Kells confirmed he and the teen had teamed up.

“I just did a song [with him],” R. Kelly told the magazine during a listening session for his upcoming album, “Black Panties.” “He just called me to do a song, and it’s hot. He wanted to go and do some R&B stuff, so we got together and did that.”

The news comes after the success of Gaga and R Kelly’s single “Do What U Want.”

The 46 year-old singer-producer says as far as collabos, he’s just getting started. Asked who he wants to partner with next, he told Vibe: “Honestly, I’m at my best one-on-one,” adding, “So anybody who wants to mess with Kells, I’m on the front line for ’em.”

Bieber cryptically tweeted “next week :)” which probably means that the new track will debut in the next seven days with no word on whether the collaboration will be part of Bieber’s Music Mondays.