Regina Hall today*You remember Regina Hall, she played Candy, the stripper who donned black lingerie in “The Best Man,” as Harold Perrineau‘s Jake went crazy out of his mind watching her perform to the tune of Cameo.

Yeah her. Well of course she’s done stuff since, but that’s not the point here. Pay attention!

Now, with the films sequel marching into theaters this weekend, she joked with Wendy Williams saying, that was the last time she got to play such a role.

We know fellas tongues are a waggin’ as they wonder, WTF?

“I’m offended because people say you gotta watch what you do,” says Regina. “No one asked again…I have never been asked to play a stripper again. No one wants to see it,” says the still trim and physically fit actress.

Word Up...When you hear the call you've got to get it underway."--Cameo

Word Up…When you hear the call you’ve got to get it underway.”–Cameo

Now, in “The Best Man Holiday,” Hall plays a mother with “the pole” being a thing of the past.

“She’s married and she has two children,” Regina said of her character Candace who is now married to Perrineau’s Julian character.

Regina made her film debut in 1999, and says the movie changed her life.

“It was my very first movie. I met Sanaa Lathan on it, and we did Love and Basketball together, which was my second film,” she told “Then, at that point, I was visiting L.A. to stay and it led to a third film and a fourth film, and it was really a big deal because I’d never been on a set before.”

Hall credits cable TV for keeping the film relevant via reruns, and making it available to new audiences.

See her as Candace in “The Best Man Holiday” in theaters now.