Richie Incognito*Though many will probably see this as a “too little, too late” scenario – Richie Incognito is feeling the heat and says he “regrets” calling teammate Jonathan Martin the n-word.

Martin, an African American, left the Miami Dolphins amidst allegations of being bullied by the team (with Incognito leading the band). Incognito, who was recently shown in an on-air interview saying people don’t understand, that’s the way he and Martin talk to each other, was suspended soon after.

In that same interview, Incognito told Fox Sports Jay Glazer, “I’m not a racist. And to judge me by that one word is wrong. In no way, shape or form is it ever acceptable for me to use that word, even if it’s friend to friend on a voicemail. I regret that.”

“Incognito also turned over his phone records, which showed 1,142 texts between him and Martin in the past year,” Glazer wrote. “Martin sent these two texts to Incognito three days after he left the team:

” ‘Wassup man? The world’s gone crazy lol I’m good tho congrats on the win’

” ‘Yeah I’m good man. It’s insane bro but just know I don’t blame you guys at all it’s just the culture around football and the locker room got to me a little.’ . . .”

Outside of the locker room, other African Americans were less forgiving of Incognito’s use of the racial slur.

On CBS’ pregame show Sunday, Shannon Sharpe, retired NFL player-turned- football analyst said, “I read, and I don’t know, it’s alleged, that some black players said Richie Incognito was an honorary black. There’s no such thing. This tells me everything I need to know about the Miami Dolphins locker room. How we got here, and why we got here.

“If you don’t understand it…just ask your parents, ask your grandparents, the mountain that they climbed so a black person in America can have respect, can have dignity, and you allow this in an open locker room, is unacceptable. . . .”

Nuff said.