*Gossip blogs are claiming that Rihanna and Drake spent the night together in Dallas on Monday after he watched her in concert.

The pair were reportedly spotted “cuddling up together” during a late-evening meal before heading back to her hotel.

Rihanna, 25, previously dated the Canadian rapper during her on-off relationship with Chris Brown, which famously resulted in a club brawl between the rapper and the singer – and sources believe their little Texas two-step could reignite their romance.

“Let’s just say it’s easier for a [girl] to go to familiar territory than it is for her to get out there and [be with someone] new,” an insider told HollywoodLife.com.

The source added that neither artist is looking to jump back into a relationship:

“You’ve got to remember, Rihanna has done a lot of growing and Drake’s a real [guy] so there’s not really any expectations that come with what they did. They’re both adults and can compartmentalize things.”