run_dmc*Run DMC has agreed to reunite (temporarily) for a string of concerts in honor of fallen bandmate Jason JasonJam Master JayMizell‘s legacy and foundation.

However, as DMC recently explained during an interview with Access Atlanta, fans shouldn’t expect a traditional reunion from the duo.

“We’re not back together as a group, we just have some good offers to do some shows,” McDaniels explained. “But at the same time we get to showcase (Jam Master) Jay’s children and bring awareness to the JMJ Foundation, which his wife created to keep music programs in school.”

“We’re going to stick to doing big shows, but we’re not doing an album, no world tour. We can’t really be Run without Jay, but we can show up for certain shows.”

McDaniels added,“It’s really weird and different [performing without Mizell]. But when it comes to doing the songs, when we did the first show in Philly last year, my friend asked what it was like and I said, it’s funny, I couldn’t describe it,” he said. “But it was like riding a bike. Everybody else was singing along, so if I forget the lyrics, I just look at crowd [sic].