Sharon Osbourne addresses her "View" comments on "The Talk" (Nov. 7, 2013)

Sharon Osbourne addresses her “View” comments on “The Talk” (Nov. 7, 2013)

*Less than 24 hours after a bent Sharon Osbourne said everyone on “The View” except for Barbara Walters can “go f*** themselves,” the British co-host was calling herself “inappropriate.”

“I was inappropriate, trying to be irreverent,” she said Thursday on “The Talk.” “I respect Jenny, Sherri and Whoopi…. It was a bad joke.” [Watch below.]

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Arsenio Hall and Sharon Osbourne on “The Arsenio Hall Show” (Nov. 6, 2013)

As previously reported, the scene of the crime was Wednesday’s “Arsenio Hall Show,” where all five co-hosts of CBS’ daytime talk show sat down for an interview. All were sipping on something out of red plastic cups, but it was only Osbourne who appeared to be sloppy drunk.

Asked what the ladies thought about their ABC competition, Sharon downed whatever was in her cup, threw it on the floor behind her and said, ““Barbara — idolize her, divine, she is super-human, I love Barbara Walters. The rest can go f-ck themselves!”

Only two “View” hosts have responded to Sharon’s directive so far, mostly taking the high road.

Sherri Shepherd mentioned Osbourne’s name when responding to a woman maligning her on Twitter:

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“The View’s” Jenny McCarthy was asked by “Entertainment Tonight.”

“Sharon and I’ve been friends a very long time,” she said. “She sent me roses two weeks ago, so who knows what her intentions were, but I love [Sharon] and I love ‘The Talk.'”

So far, no response from Whoopi Goldberg.